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Grow your business through customer retention.

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Customer Retention Training

We offer training to companies to keep customers

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Retention of customers is the industry’s biggest problem.  There is a limit to how many customers a business can attract and retention strategies can help keep a business growing.

How many customers are you losing?  Are you constantly chasing new customers?  Its costs more to acquire new customers than retaining existing customers.

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Increasing your revenue through retention. Can you really increase revenue and your financial your bottom line through retention?  According to IHRSA (2012) “Successful Member Retention adds months to membership and revenue to bottom line”. If your members are staying longer they will be paying you......

Is technology the Retention Game Changer? There has been a lot of talk about how technology can assist a fitness club in retaining its customers.  The question I ask you here is do you think technology is the retention game changer?   I have asked this......

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