What is the Retention Game Changer?

What is the Retention Game Changer?

Is technology the Retention Game Changer?

There has been a lot of talk about how technology can assist a fitness club in retaining its customers.  The question I ask you here is do you think technology is the retention game changer?   I have asked this to a number of club owners and the responses have been mixed.  There is no doubt that technology is aiding the retention war but can we say we are there yet?  I am not sure that we can safely say yet that technology is the game changer that we want.  There is hope though with new developments in the next few years we could see a very different picture.   I also believe that many people will still need some level of human intervention to create the lasting healthy behavior of regular exercise.  This is a problem for the industry because as technology increases you find that communication skills are decreasing and therefore levels of customer interactions are at a low.

Many fitness experts are saying that technology is the Retention ‘Game Changer’ – But is it?  Technology certainly can play a big part in retaining customers but with so many types of new technology available it is difficult to analyse any data that supports this opinion.  Most agree that it has the potential to be the ‘Retention Game Changer’ but in may not be quite there yet.  One fact that may always be against it is that human interaction is a key ingredient to improve retention.  Can technology replace this human interaction element in the future?  Probably yes is the answer but not at this present time.  At present the best ways of improving retention is through good technology that provides suitable and usable data and key interactions with customers.

What do you think about technology being the ‘Retention Game Changer”?  What technology is best for fitness club retention?

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