Successful Fitness Member Retention….

Successful Fitness Member Retention….

According to IHRSA (2012) “Successful Fitness Member Retention adds months to membership and revenue to bottom line”.

At this time of year most of the focus is on sales and not on retention.   New Year sales for many clubs are the lifeblood that keeps them in business for the year.  You should however put an equal amount of effort into gaining members as retaining them.   This will ensure they stay longer and increase their lifetime value to the business.  You need to make your process seamless from prospect right through to when they become a member.  Don’t stop the effort here as you need to get them into creating a habit for them to stick with it.   Ensure your retention efforts are adequate and equal to your sales and marketing efforts.

Creating a five star experience.

Do you need a five star facility to create a five star service?  The answer is NO.  Creating a five star experience is totally different to providing a facility that looks really great.  Having an experience is more than having good looking equipment although that does help.  The customer needs to go through something that is more than a workout on new equipment.  They need to feel wowed by what they have encountered.  It can also be the small things that add up to a bigger picture such as providing the customer with much more than they expected.

Successful member retention is not just one thing and it certainly is not a one size fits all approach that will get results.  Each fitness club will differ from the next and having specific measurable retention activities is advisable.  The overarching retention strategy needs to be firmly committed to by senior management or owners for it to have any affect.  If you are struggling keeping hold of your customers or if you are not sure how many customers are leaving and why then it may be time to start looking at this closer.  Contact us now for a free informal chat about what we can do and how we can help.

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