Fitness Club Retention

Fitness Club Retention

Fitness Club Retention – the book

Fitness clubs around the world have one common issue – retaining customers.  Fitness club retention was cited as the biggest challenge to the fitness industry many years ago, but the issue still remains today.  This book takes a unique look at the problems gyms and clubs deal with, and will lift the lid on why so many clubs lose as much as 50% of its customers on an annual basis.

Author Paul Conway uses over 25 years’ experience of managing and owning fitness clubs to give an insider’s guide to the retention problem.  He combines insights and real life examples to explain how customer retention at a fitness club can be improved.  This book is not written from a consultant’s view or an academic approach but from experiences and interactions straight from the gym floor.  It aims to fill a void that exists for club managers about the retention issues that they face.

Key issues discussed in the book include:-

Customer expectations

Customer journey

How good sales processes help retention

How to develop a retention plan


New concepts explained in the book include:-

Communication spectrum

Forensic fitness

Awakening the sleeping member

5 stages of health club membership

The revolving door

People and exercise archetypes

Retention metrics


This book will take you on a journey of discovery that will improve your retention rate and also make your business more profitable.  It is designed to assist anyone who works in the fitness sector to understand and improve the way they think and act with customers.  The retention strategies in this book will turn one month customers into members for life.  This is probably the most complete guide to fitness club retention available and will help you on your retention journey.

Get your copy now and start growing your business through retention.  This book is a great investment and a valuable resource to any gym owner or manager.

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