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Image of staff talking - Training staff In Customer RetentionWe have over 25 years of running, managing and owning fitness clubs.  We fully understand what it takes to retain customers and can help you every step of the way.

Retention of customers is the industry’s biggest problem.  There is a limit to how many customers a business can attract and retention strategies can help keep a business growing.

How many customers are you losing?  Are you constantly chasing new customers?  Its costs more to acquire new customers than retaining existing customers.

If you want to grow your business you need to stop losing customers.  Retention is more than just good customer care – it is culture that a business adopts and constantly works on.

Help is at hand – we can help you by auditing your current systems and make suggestions.  We can also mystery shop your business to see how good you really are.  We can assist in developing your strategic retention strategy.  We can deliver training at all levels throughout your business that will help you keep customers for life.

Join up to our Retention network – get ideas, information and share best practice.  Get a monthly plan of retention activities to implement straight into your business.  Only £10 per month – Join up now.

Increase sales through customer service.  Low profile selling is based on providing a great customer service and not a hard sell.  This suits many employees who feel uncomfortable about sales.

Employee training – soft skills that increase customer retention.  Understand the stages of retention and develop communication skills.